Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Importance of Funding The National Writing Project

Scream. Yell. Make a fuss. Write. Write. Write. My advice to draw attention to The National Writing Project and the federal government's plan to eliminate funding for this proven literacy program.  The NWP provides high quality professional development during summer institutes training teachers to return to their home schools to impact their teaching, student learning, and the growth of teachers across the curriculum. 

On a personal note, I participated in a NWP Institute several summers ago.  The collegial opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas, writing, hopes and learning with other teachers, who gave up their summer to participate, was a worthy experience in and of itself.  But to take what I learned into the classroom that following fall and implement new strategies for teaching writing was invaluable.  The outcome?  Measurable growth in my students' writing. What more could I ask for?  And to think that this opportunity for other teachers will no longer be available ...  Scream.  Yell.  Make a fuss.  Write. Write. Write.  We must save The National Writing Project.